Elegance wears further Ypsilon hues, enlarging its wardrobe with two new colours: the delicate Avorio Chic, pastel shading, refined and original at the same time, and the elegant pearlescent Blu di Blu. A colour palette made up of 5 pastel tones, 5 metallised tones, 1 with pearlescent effects and 2 triple layered. 13 colours with a boldly assertive personality. Just like the New Ypsilon.


Detailing is never just a detail, with New Ypsilon. It’s an expression of its style, its quality and its design. These are the reasons for choosing it, along with the elegance and compactness which complete its irresistibly unmistakeable personality.


Fabric, velvet, leather and Dinamica®, combined with on-trend design and increased functionality in the use of space. The New Ypsilon interior is a chic miniature sitting room. Get the feel of it.


The new 5” touchscreen display with Uconnect™, to connect your car to your smartphone and stay in touch with your music, your social media channels, news and traffic information, stands out boldly on the dashboard of Ypsilon. Other available versions are Radio Live DAB, to play music of the highest quality, and Radio Live DAB Nav, with integrated navigation system.


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